You want your business to grow, be profitable & stay competitive. Cisco’s solution portfolio delivers the reliable, scalable and highly secure IT infrastructure that your business needs. From data centres to collaboration, from mobility to security, on premise or in the cloud, Cisco hardware & software-enabled solutions are based on proven industry leadership & experience.

 Cisco solutions from innovecom help you overcome common business challenges :

 Business Growth

Get the right IT solutions to capitalize on new revenue opportunities and grow your business. innovecom can help your IT team get network connectivity and services up and running quickly. You gain the flexibility, scalability, and IT simplicity that you need to support key business initiatives and new innovations.

Customer Experiences

Technology is changing your customers’ expectations. They want faster service, immediate access to information, and a better customer experience. Cisco solutions help you provide innovative and compelling experiences to your customers, clients, patients, or citizens when it matters most.

Workforce Productivity

Productivity is a business imperative. Network access is a huge factor in productivity. Cisco’s simplified mobile, virtual, and cloud solutions make network access, virtual desktops, collaboration, and communication available anywhere, anytime, on any device. All the while keeping your network highly secure and easy to manage.

Deploying Solutions and Services

Keeping IT up and running is vital to the success of your business. You need a platform that supports automated tasks, simplified management, and flexible migrations. innovecom will work with you to understand your unique needs and select the right solutions and services for your business.

Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Your business can suffer if your infrastructure doesn't keep pace with growth. An outdated network, data centre, or applications can diminish efficiency and increase security risks. Cisco solutions from innovecom can make your infrastructure more efficient and cost-effective without placing extra burdens on your IT staff.

Security and Compliance

You're on the front line of protecting the data for your business, customers, partners, and employees. Cisco’s proven solutions can thwart threats, help prevent unauthorized access, manage user authentication, and simplify compliance. innovecom will work with you to perform a security assessment and select the right security offerings for your business.


Mobility is about engaging in today's world of multiple devices, anytime, anywhere. It's about creating flexible work environments. It's gaining access to the information you need. It's improving productivity across departments, locations, and time zones. Cisco solutions can keep your business on the move while helping to secure your data, devices, and infrastructure.


Find out whether moving to the cloud is right for your business. Clouds offer flexible, on-demand IT service delivery. Get the services you need, when you need them. Public, private, or hybrid, the choice is yours. See how moving to the cloud gives you more options to meet user demands and grow your business.

Reducing Risk

Your IT teams need to meet compliance requirements and implement new technology, all while keeping the infrastructure highly secure. Cisco has more than 30 years of IT experience to help you reduce security risks – their solutions via innovecom provide the IT security, resiliency, and investment protection that you need.

To discuss how Cisco’s solutions for :

  •  network infrastructure – switching, routing & WAN, wireless, mobility & BYOD ;
  •  collaboration – integrated voice, video, content sharing, & chat ;
  •  data centre – unifying the compute, storage, networking, virtualization & management into a single platform ;
  •  security – next generation firewalls, email & web security, advanced malware protection, secure data centre solutions, secure mobility for managed & unmanaged devices

can help your business as it grows, contact innovecom.